An Independent Home Inspector is one who does not actively solicit real estate agents for homebuyer client leads. This practice is quite common and places the home inspector in a conflict of interest. Simply put, when a prospective buyer requests a home inspection the end result is a report that may slow or ultimately jeopardize the sale of the home. Home inspectors who work closely with real estate agents place themselves in a difficult position in relation to their clients’ interests as the home buyer requires an honest assessment of the home while the real estate agent is most interested in the sale of the property.

In brief, the real estate agent generally represents the seller while the home inspector most often represents the buyer. Still, in Manitoba a real estate agent can represent both and their interests are always centered on the sale of the property.

An Independent Home Inspector is one who has signed a pledge stating they do not solicit real estate agents for homebuyer client leads. The Independent Home Inspectors of North America is the only home inspector association whose members make the “No Conflict of Interest Pledge”.  The choice of your home inspector is yours, not the real estate agent’s. Don’t let a real estate agent steer you to an inspector of their choice, it places that inspector in a conflict of interest that is difficult to resolve.


The foundation of an honest, reputable home inspection is one that is does not involve a relationship with a real estate agent or broker.

As discussed above, an inspector referred by a real estate agent cannot remain objective and asses the property on its merits. An honest inspection may result in the loss of interest on the part of the buyer. An independent inspector cares solely for the interest of his client and not in maintaining a business relationship with a real estate agent that is providing them leads.

When considering a home inspector think twice about who is referring the service provider. Your agent or broker… or a friend or family member? If so, you can be reasonably certain they are basing their recommendation on a positive experience they have had.


Fact #1 – On average 95% of home inspector referrals come from real estate agents. That makes those inspectors dependent on the real estate agents for their livelihood.

Fact #2 – Some real estate agents keep “short lists” or a list of local inspectors to hand out to their clients. This leaves it up to you to determine if the inspector is truly working for you. If the home inspectors cause deals to fall apart they are labeled “Deal Breakers” not “Deal Makers”. To stay on this “short list” the home inspector ends up working for the real estate agents, NOT YOU! Some inspectors pay to be on these lists, as with Coldwell Banker.

If you think all home inspectors are created equal, think again. If you’re thinking of hiring the cheapest home inspector, think again. If you want a home inspection company that works for you… call OWL HOME INSPECTION!