Ask the home inspector you plan on hiring the questions below, in addition to any other home inspector you are considering.

What is the cost?
Typically costs of home inspections are around $350.00, depending on the size of the house and how much of the house is inspected. Infrared scans should be offered for free as a courtesy to the client with the home inspection.

What education and qualifications does the inspector have?
Home inspectors should have training recognized by the Manitoba Department of Labour and Education and Training or an accredited educational institution in Manitoba, for example, journeyman carpenter.

How long has the inspector been inspecting?
Make sure you can find out how long the inspector has been inspecting. Home inspectors that won’t/can’t tell, or just started are not good choices.

What is the legal history?
How many statements of claim have been filed against the inspector or company? You can perform a Manitoba Courts name search to find out. Home inspectors with little or no statements of claim against them are likely to give you a better inspection.

Is the home inspector independent?
Does the inspector work for you? Or is he/she in a conflict of interest position between you and the Real Estate agent or broker?
Inspectors that belong to a group which has a business partnership with realtors will take your money, perform the home inspection, and say the house is good to buy. Some inspection companies buy vacations and provide other benefits for agents. Choosing a home inspector that is not independent of the Real Estate agent/broker will result in a home inspection that may avoid reporting the negative aspects of the home you plan on buying. This will help their business partners the Real Estate agents to sell houses faster without helping the buyer.