At Owl Home Inspection, we have been performing inspections for clients since 1993. We are focused entirely on giving our clients the most thorough, highly ethical, objective, unbiased and honest inspection services including –

Buyer’s Inspections
Our traditional home inspection since 1993. Make an informed decision when buying a home.
General Homeowner’s Inspections
When you need to know the condition of your home.
Seller’s Inspections
To help sell your home more quickly, easily and effectively.
Inspections for New Homes
A specialized inspection service to help protect your investment, because new homes are different.


You are about to make the the largest and most important purchase most of us will ever make!

A Pre-purchase Winnipeg Home Inspection can provide you with the information you need to know about the condition of the home you plan to purchase. It makes good sense to have a knowledgeable, impartial licensed home inspector look over the home carefully and explain their findings to you. The analysis of the property will drastically reduce your risk and will be useful during price negotiations.

Most homes require some updates or repairs. The home inspection report will point out any problem areas, thus avoiding surprises. You will have an idea of what to expect in the way of maintenance and get a chance to familiarize yourself with the safety and maintenance features of your new home.

At the time of the home inspection you will get an in-person explanation of the report and a chance to discuss any concerns you may have. Bring your questions and we’ll do our best to answer all of them!


Before you put your home on the market get a pre-listing inspection!

Have a home inspection done so you are fully aware of the condition of your home.  Have a professional home inspector go through your home and highlight any major problems or areas of concern. This will give you the homeowner a opportunity to fix the problems before a offer is made on your home. Then when their home inspector checks your property you can rest easy that there will be no surprises presented to cause the deal to collapse.

Furthermore having a home inspection report available for buyers is really handy in the negotiation process. Often buyers will use the home inspection report that we’ve done on the home when purchasing your property.

In summary having a pre-listing inspection on your home will give you peace of mind and assurance that you should be able to sell your home much easier by having a pre-listing inspection done.


Checking out the house systems before you start any updates or major renovations can help homeowners prioritize repairs and maintenance.

One inevitable aspect of home maintenance and renovations is that doing what you want almost always leads to doing things you weren’t planning. Sometimes it’s because hidden problems are found when the work is in progress.

Make a list of questions prior to your home buyer inspection. You will have plenty of time after the physical house or condo inspection to address any of your concerns with me. We will help you obtain the information you need to prepare your home for a lifetime. From routine maintenance to detecting conditions that could signify the need for major repairs, the home inspection report can assist in creating a maintenance schedule.


Buying a new home is not the same as buying a re-sale home. While a re-sale home comes with a proven track record of performance, a new home is an unknown quantity. On the other hand, a new home has a warranty, and does not have any wear and tear. It’s brand new!

At Owl Home Inspection, the inspection of the new home is different than a resale home inspection. We evaluate the home against modern building practices, and consider workmanship and materials, while looking for consistency with the your Warranty Program. Our inspection covers all components of the home, consistent with our professional Standards of Practice.