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Why use Owl Home Inspection

Select your own independent inspector. We work for you not the realtor.It is well known that the primary source of business for home inspectors is realtor referrals. You have to be careful not to hire someone who is more concerned about pleasing the realtor.

Owl Home Inspection serviced Winnipeg home buyers since 1993 and is focused entirely on giving our clients the most thorough, highly ethical, objective, unbiased and honest inspection possible. With more than 5,000 happy customers, our goal is to provide the best home inspection to fit our client’s needs. We value truth in housing, prompt service and understandable information.

Proud Members of

Owl Home Inspection is a proud member of the following: The Manitoba Association of House Inspectors (MAHI); National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI); Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA); Better Business Bureau (BBB); and Manitoba Building Envelope Council (MBEC).


    Pre-purchase Home Inspection For Buyers

    You are about to make the the largest and most important purchase! Your agent can probably talk about the obvious things like the general age of the house, square footage and taxes. But what about things that need a more thorough investigation?

    It makes good sense to have a knowledgeable, Certified Master Inspector look over the home carefully and explain their findings to you. The analysis of the property will drastically reduce your risk and will be useful during price negotiations. Check the Winnipeg Better Business Bureau for home inspector ratings.



    Pre-Listing Home Inspections For Sellers

    Would you like to understand the current condition of your home from the prospective buyers eye’s and then establish the evaluation of the home’s current market value.

    Have a professional home inspector go through your home and highlight any major problems or areas of concern. This will give you the homeowner a opportunity to fix the problems before a offer is made on your home. Then when their home inspector checks your property you can rest easy that there will be no surprises presented to cause the deal to collapse.



    Home Maintenance Inspection For Owners

    What is likely to be the next repair you need to make to prepare your home for a lifetime? Checking out the house systems before you start any updates or major renovations can help homeowners prioritize repairs and maintenance.

    We can help you in many areas with a full inspection or help you solve a single issue. As we are providing advise we are not interested in selling you some gimmick that may not solve the issue.




    Enables Our Inspection Services To Exceed Industry Standards

    Reputation is everything and our work is quality.

    Thank you for taking care of my daughter’s house.

    We also got approval of insurance on our roof thanks to your inspection services.


    Thank you for the prompt delivery of the draft copy of the home inspection.

    We will be pleased to forward your name and services to any of our acquaintances and friends requiring such.


    Thank you for your prompt and thorough inspection on my house and sharing your helpful insights.

    We look forward to working with you again.


    Thank you for the forensic report on my home.

    I’ll keep you posted on my progress with repairs to it. I hope I may call on you again for help, should I need to do so.