What do we inspect?

We identify all major deficiencies and most minor deficiencies in the basement, foundation and structure, in addition to the systems: plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, insulation, interior walls, floors, rails, ceilings, attic spaces, crawl spaces, garage, and fireplace. Infrared imaging services are also available.

What is the format of the report?

The report consists of a checklist. The checklist indicates what is physically present and its condition. The home owner's manual (optional) supports the checklist with additional information such as the uses and maintenance for a given material or component and what a given deficiency means.

Can I tag along for the inspection? Can other people come too?

We would like you to be present for the inspection. When you are present, you can ask questions as they arise and view demonstrations of certain parts, components and systems. You may have other people accompany you during the inspection.

Will you give an overall rating to the house?

We usually do not write it in the report, but we will tell you if the house is above average, average, below average or miserable.

For a free estimate, or if you have any questions, please phone or email us:
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